Saturday, February 25, 2012

Misc July pictures

Ran across a bunch of miscellaneous pictures from July and thought I'd Post:

Rebecca got to go with her friend, Hope to Dollywood.   Thought this was cute!

While waiting to pick up Rebecca one day, this is what my thermometer read in the car!!!

Julianna and Angela are twinkies!

We Sheri & David for dinner in Nashville and had such a great visit.  It's a shame we live so close and don't get together more often!

Check out that chocolate cake!!!

Rebecca and Jaylin decided to try a recipe in the American Girl magazine.  

Mini ice cream scoops - they were so cute!

The "Word of Life" Hamburger
Matthew & I led the Wednesday night kid's group and walked through the wordless Book of Life but tried new creative things.  These "Hamburgers" are awesome - look just like it, but it's an Oreo, icing, coconut and vanilla wafers!!

Some of the kids with their keychains

Enjoying their burgers!

Julianna and a few of her friends

A PEO served us this amazing lunch and it was so yummy that I took a picture of it so I wouldn't forget all of the yummy ingredients she put on it.  

Johnny Diaz in concert prior to the Nashville Sounds game

Julianna's first baseball game - gotta have popcorn!

Part of our group of students

Mark, Matt & Julianna

More of our kids!

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