Thursday, February 6, 2014

Rebecca Braces off

After 2 years, Rebecca finally got her braces off.  She was very excited about it.  She was actually working at camp that day so I went and picked her up for her appointment and then returned her to camp afterwards.  

She has always had such a beautiful smile so now I love that SHE loves it!!!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Couple of Cute June Pictures

This finishes out June with a couple of pictures

Yeah!!!  Rebecca made the Greenbrier High School Volleyball Team!!

Look we got a new dishwasher - or at least a pre-washer!!!

Christian played on a summer 6v6 league with some of his high school I caught this full rainbow with my panoramic camera 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Happy Birthday, Matthew!!

We usually are on our family vacation during Matthew's birthday but he doesn't like a big deal made out of it anyway.  This year, we had his choice of dinner and dessert and his gifts were a weather radio and some ammunition.  Now how about that?!?  :-)

Just had to share this cute picture!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Family Vacation - A Little Cliff Jumping

We love to go to the water fall and when we did, the water was pretty deep back in this pocket so we let the kids cliff jump.  It took like 3 videos before Rebecca finally did it, so I am only posting the one where she actually jumped.  I think Christian was playing it cool to do it faster than his sister.  It certainly looks scary!!!  But they did it.

At the falls

Before his big jump

Psyching herself up

My cutie - patootie girls

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Family Vacation - not just about the water

This family vacation seemed a little different.  We just didn't quite spend as much time on the water as we normally do.  It may have been somewhat because a new dock was being built so it wasn't quite as convenient for us to go down there and swim where we usually do.  Also, I think the big kids are getting to the point where they would probably have a little more fun if they had friends with them.  So we also spent time together hanging out inside.  That was nice and relaxing for us, too.  

I know this is on the water but love this picture.

A trip to Walmart produced a few craft projects which kept the girls very busy

And we all ended up with some cool keychains!

At Julianna's request (learned from a neighbor), we had "Walking Tacos" for dinner one night - it was nice enough to each outside - very yummy!

There was a good bit of this, too!

We played lots of games too (which made Mom VERY happy)

Working on a tan (shield your eyes)

Cuddled up with 2 dogs

Rummi-cube (and watched a lot of soccer)

Worn out at the lake!

We went and saw Monsters University one day in Rome - such a fun movie

Making fun of his elders....


Love this girl!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Family Vacation - Fun on the Water

We took our family vacation at the lake again this year.  We just love it there!!!  We didn't spend as much time on the water this year but when we did, it was great.  We had a new tube that we spent a lot of time on.  It was easier on Julianna to be on there so it provided a lot of fun for all three of them.  As usual, I have 100's of pictures on the water but I tried to pick out some of the better ones to post here.

Getting ready for the ride

This was Holly's first time at the lake.  She couldn't stand the kids being back there and was such a pain for us on the boat because we thought she was going to jump back there to get to them.  I love this picture though!!

There was a spot on the back for someone to ride on their knees.  Christian is trying that here!

Love the faces!

Julianna was much happier in the middle!

Getting all sorts of air for the big ones too!

Our sweet Maggie LOVES the lake - even though she's 12 years old, she loves it down there and we laugh that it brings out the puppy in her.  She loves to be outside and by the water and on the boat with us!!  

We have this same picture with all 3 of our dachshunds.  Holly actually liked the water!

Holly swam with us for a while - I think she couldn't stand being without us so if it meant being in the water, it was worth it for her!

This is the closest thing we got to a water sport with Julianna - but to be honest, we just weren't up for the fight of whining and crying this year....maybe one year - maybe not!!  :-)

Christian is now old enough to drive the Sea Doo by himself (legally in Alabama).  He loved it.

I got to go on the new tube too

Christian captured this shot of Rebecca - love how she is completely in the air

Even I got some air under me on this one!

Kids insisted on taking Holly on a slow ride with them.

As much as she wanted to be with them, she did not like the ride!!!

Friday, January 31, 2014

VBS 2013 - Jungle Jaunt

This year the whole family was involved in VBS.  Believe it or not, this was the first year I've ever been a teacher of VBS.  I've done about everything else, from directing it, to snacks, to registration to recreation but never a teacher.  But this year, that's was where the need was so I stepped up.  I taught the graduating 1st graders, which put me as Julianna's teacher, which I loved.

I had a great helper, Kayla, who is going to be a Senior this year and a great group of students.  I loved it.  Rebecca helped in the craft area and Christian was a helper in the pre-school class.  So we were all pretty worn out by the time we got home but loved every minute of it.  So as usual, here are some of my fun pictures to share!

Julianna helped me decorate the room

I'm not creative or crafty but I was pretty pleased how our room turned out.  We used our Jumbo Soccer umbrella as our tent and had lessons under it.  Kids loved it

Julianna climbing a tree

This crew helped me decorate so I treated them out for frozen yogurt afterwards

Some of the girls in my class - those jungle bandaids were a hit

Julianna helping Rebecca in crafts

My awesome helper, Kayla and me

Love this picture of Julianna and Kayla

Christian helped with the music too - it's so great to have the big guys help with the words and motions.  These young guys need to see the

Rebecca dressed up for the last night

My class - small but perfect for me!