Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fair Winnings

Rebecca entered some of her art work in the fair again this year. She won in every category that she entered in and only one piece she put in did not win a ribbon. (The irony to that is it was that one tree picture that won so much in the County Art Fair!) We are very proud of her.

Anyway, here is her work...she walked away with $10!! We told her next year, she can pay for her own way into the fair with her winnings!!

Third place in charcoal

2nd place in water colors. She did this picture at her art camp in Chattanooga this summer

2nd place in pastels (daisy picture)

3rd place on her 4H poster

Fun at the Fair

I'm realizing that when I have a blog to post with lots of pictures, I tend to put it off and then it's

a month later. But as I went through the almost 200 pictures we took in one night at the fair, I realize it's really hard to narrow down so many pictures. So needless to say, here's a bunch, but they're so good that I had to share.

Last year was the first year since Julianna's birth that we went back to the Robertson County Fair. The first few years that we lived here, we went with the Locke's and had a blast with the young kids. We then took a break with the baby and last year went again. Julianna was just a bit too short last year and was not able to ride any rides other than the carousel. So we knew that she'd grown enough this year to be over 36 inches to ride.

We hooked up with the Lockes again and hit the rides right away. We had so much fun and Julianna was a trooper - she had a blast on everything she did and we were so proud of her..

The kid crew

The first ride was the "Scrambler" (that's what we grew up calling it). I can't see this ride without telling the story of the summer that Cassie & I spent time with Mimi and Papa Payne and they took us to an amusement park. We convinced Mimi to ride this ride with us and the ride had hardly begun to move and Mimi said, "Oh, I'm already scrambled!" Was she in for a ride!!!

Julianna rode this with me, but the pictures didn't turn out well enough to post but she rode again later with Brandi and those pictures are below. Let me just say that this was a FAST ride and I was a bit nervous once we got started how she'd do. She loved it and giggled the entire ride. So fun!

They all rode the strawberry ride together (not sure who the girl is on the right) and that's one they can spin and spin from the inside. They all made it through that one, too!

Julianna wrote in the helicopter with the big girls and had a blast

The big kids were too big to ride these so Julianna did it all by herself and from her face, you can see she didn't mind one bit being on there by herself.

A smaller version of the boat that rocks back and forth with a little spinning thrown in.

The boys on the slide

Okay. There's a story. MAtthew had just taken Julianna on this and held her hand and as soon as they went over the first hump, it slung her back and so she rode the whole slide on her back. So Mr. Chris decided he'd take her and make sure she sat up.... I could do a blog just on the funny pictures I got from this, but I picked my favorites.....Look below

Apparently, that first hump is quite a doozy and Julianna could not keep her balance forward. I got some of the funniest pictures but only room to show one - isn't that hillarious?

Waiting for the bumper cards

Rebecca got to drive her own car - I think it was harder than she thought.

The coolest ride. Matthew cut off Brandi on the right side but this group of us had so much fun!

Julianna and Chris got silly and Julianna was tickled with herself. I think she kept telling him she was going to kiss him and then licked him or something. She was almost beside herself with giggles... too cute.

Here's Brandi & Julianna on the Scrambler - how cute!

LOVE LOVE this picture

Morgan & Rebecca

About to leave...waiting on fried chocolate chip cookies!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Four Generations

Recently, Mom and Dad watched the kids for us and when we went and picked them up, Matthew suggested we get this picture. Below, is my Papa Blair, my Mom, me and my kids - a very special 4 generation picture!

Day at the Zoo with Friends

A couple of my friends from church invited Julianna and me to go to the Nashville Zoo with them for the day. Of course the big kids were totally upset that we went while they were in school!! But we had a lot of fun and enjoyed our field trip!

The Motley Crew before entering the zoo
Beautiful Hyacinth Macaw
There is a display of Rainbow Lorikeets where you can purchase necture and the Lorikeets will come and eat it out of your hand. With a little help, Julianna got one to eat from her necture

Angela also had success with feeding the Lorikeets

Braden had one land on him - beautiful birds!

The elephants were close and they were fun to see

We're missing Colton in this picture because we didn't want the elephants to walk away but what a fun group of kiddos!

My friend, Heather & Colton on the carousel

Cameron on the tiger

Harrison & Braden having fun

Katie with Julianna and Angela

My friend, Doreen with the girls

Enjoying the petting zoo

First Day of School

The big kids started school on August 12th. We did our traditional picture although they are getting less and less excited about having it done. Oh well - they can just get over that!!! :-)

As you can see, Julianna had to be in the picture although her first day of school was the following week... It's hard to believe the Christian is in the 6th grade and starting middle school and that Rebecca is a 5th grader - her last year in elementary school. It's also one of the only year they won't be in the same school - so they are enjoying it while it lasts!!

Christian - 6th grade

Rebecca - 5th Grade

Visiting with Rachel

This posting is out of place - it should have gone right after I blogged about my family lake trip, but I forgot. Sorry.

My sister, Rachel and her daughter Addelyn were able to stay down south a big longer than Eric was and so they stayed with Mom and Dad for a few days before heading east to visit my grandmother and Aunt & Uncle. One day, the girls and I were able to head down to Leiper's Fork to visit for the day. We had a fun time of visiting and gardening and hated to say good bye, knowing it'll be a while before we see them in person again. But it was a special day and I got some good pictures I just had to share!

Katie & Rachel

Katie & her sweet niece, Addelyn

Still helping with those purple hull peas - yummy!

I was playing around with the settings on the camera and love this picture!

One of the MANY, MANY hummingbirds around Mom's porch

Rachel & Papa

Rachel (and Rebecca) picking the peas

Even Maggie enjoys working in the garden

Children of the Corn???

Julianna loved picking the peppers - they were so good!