Monday, October 26, 2009

White House Soccer Fall Tournament 2009

This year, our own club hosted its Fall Tournament later than usual. Our first game was on Saturday morning and sure enough, it had rained many days prior to that morning and the fields were a bit soft. Fortunately, the rain had quit (however it was quite chilly) and we were able to play. We won our first game soundly. We played that afternoon and lost a tough one and went into Sunday's game in 3rd place. We were able to hold this team and beat them by enough scores to move ourselves into 2nd place in the entire tournament. And we only were behind the first place team by one point. And I won't mention how bad the ref's were that may have called some bad calls that may have caused a different outcome in the game...... :-)

Anyway, we were so proud of our team and it was great to win our first tournament at our own club's tournament.

Had to get a picture of our goalie Logan and the beautiful trees

You can see the dark sky behind Christian (notice our matching coaches - how cute!)

Christian winning the ball

Coach John presenting Christian with our Finalist trophies

Way to go, White House Revolution!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A new sport added to the family

This summer, Rebecca attended a volleyball camp that was put on by Greenbrier High School Lady Cats volleyball team. They've had back to back state championships and have an awesome team and coach. Rebecca really loved the camp and we even talked to the coach about some leagues for her age. We looked into it and everything seemed to be for older kids.

I was driving around in Goodlettsville and a small sign caught my eye and said they had a volleyball league through their Parks & Recreation for 10-13 year old girls!! We called right away and got put first on the waiting list. We got a call a few days later that she could join a team if she wanted to. We went right away and signed her up.

The main advantage of this working for our already busy schedule was that they would practice for one hour on Tuesday nights until the season started and then once the season started, they would only have weekly games on Tuesday nights. Since the guys are gone to soccer each Tuesday night, it worked fine for us girls to do volleyball.

Her season was (games) was about 7 weeks long. This past Tuesday, they had a tournament with the four teams and our season is now over. She loved it. It was so fun watching her do something new and seeing her improve. I have a feeling, we'll be doing this again this spring.

Here are some pictures. Remember that we're in a gym and the lighting is pretty bad, so there are a few blurry shots, but I tried to pick out some good ones!

Rebecca on her way to her first volleyball match

Getting subbed into the game for the first time

Rebecca's first serve (This did not go over, however she began practicing at home and even lifting some 3 pound weights and by the end of the season, most of hers were going over!)

Trying to set the ball


I love this picture. Matthew says she's not supposed to jump but I think it's cool!

Concentrating on her serve

About to bump the ball (by the way, can you tell she'd been at Aunt Cassie's that day? Nice french braid!)

Looking good

Dad and Christian were able to make a couple of games. There were a couple of nights that he would call me after soccer practice and they were in the 3rd game so the guys jumped on the interstate and rushed down and saw the last game or two. They also got to see a full match during Fall Break!

Coach Derek presenting Rebecca with her trophy

Rebecca's team
We certainly got better over the season. We came in 3rd in the tournament!

Rebecca at home with her trophy. Way to go Rebecca!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Auburn vs UT game

This past Saturday, we went to the Auburn / UT game in Knoxville. We were able to get tickets from Matthew's Dad and we took Christian & Rebecca with us. Julianna had her first official "sleep over" at a friends - they had a blast, too.

The game was at 7:45 pm EST so it was late for us. We headed out of Nashville around noon and made it to Knoxville in decent time, although there was some Dukes of Hazzards car show or something because there were major slow downs on I-40 because we passed Rosco's Sheriff's car, Cooter's Tow Truck, Daisy's jeep and about 15 different General Lee cars!!!

We parked about 2 miles away from the stadium and got there in time to see the Vol Walk from a distance. I believe that's what they call it when the coaches and players walk down the road and into the stadium. Then we got to see the band "The Pride of the South Lands" come down the road and perform Rocky Top. There's a video of that at the bottom. I must say they are impressive.

We got into the stadium pretty early but enjoyed just looking around and talking. It was fun to see the stadium fill up. There were quite a few Auburn fans there and they were pretty close to us, so that was fun. The kids had a great time and enjoyed it.

It was about 3:30am our time when we got home and man, we were tired, but it was worth it. Here are some pictures. They are from a phone since we didn't want to lug our big camera in the stadium, but I think they turned out pretty well.

When we first arrived at the stadium. Rebecca said, "There sure aren't many people here!" :-)

The band before the game

Auburn running out on the field

Christian, Rebecca and me

The boys

The Girls..... Oh, by the way, notice Rebecca - she's wearing her contacts. Doesn't she look pretty!!!!

The kids watching the UT band

Autumn in the Brier

About this time last year, I wrote a blog with the same title. Here it is if you need a refresher: 2008 Autumn in the Brier. Rebecca was one of the few 5th grade students aked this year to participate in our local Historical Library's day.

This was a day that was VERY busy in our family. We had many big events that were overlapping and so Rebecca was able to go with a friend and we were able to get there toward the end to see her and get a few pictures. One of my friends said she got some good pictures of Rebecca so if I get those, I'll post some more. But I wanted you to see these.

Rebecca getting the clean wash ready to hang out to dry

Hanging the wash

Some of the kids from Rebecca's classes

Washing the clothes


Julianna helping out

Now why don't the girls do this at home?? It's much easier than this!

Julianna washing

** A Payne Trivia Question - does anyone recognize what Rebecca is wearing? That's my square dance outfit from my middle school years (minus the hat!) :-)

Rebecca's first oil painting

Rebecca has started oil painting in her art class. She's been working on this one for a while. They all have to do this landscape for their first one, and it's so interesting to see how different they all turn out. Here is Rebecca's. I think she did a wonderful job. It was funny because in the car, Christian and I looked at each other and said, "Wow, I could NEVER do that." We definitely are not the ones with artistic ability in the family.

I thought you all might enjoy seeing it. We're very proud of her!

Labor Day at the Lake

We were able to get away briefly for Labor Day and we headed to the lake. Matthew's whole family was able to be there, too, so it was the first time since last Thanksgiving that we were all together. The weather cooperated with us for the most part and we were able to get out and enjoy the water. I always hate it when I get to the end of a trip and realize I didn't get pictures of everyone, so I'm sorry. I always tend to get involved in everything and forget to use the camera. But here are some fun pictures of the weekend.

Christian & Mitch on the tube


I had to get a picture of this. This was not the first time this happened to Mitch. Uncle Matthew is a crazy boat driver and either he needs to slow down or Mitch needs some tigher swim shorts!!

Christian, Mitch and Keaton - the 3 Warren boys

Side note - There are 3 Warren boys, Matthew, Mitchell and Brett - these are their 3 boys and what's neat is that the birth order of the Dad's is the same birth order for their sons - these 3.. we thought that was neat!

Rebecca & Blakesly's turn

Love this picture

Rebecca with Madeline & Lydian

Blakesly has been doing the wakeboard longer than the rest of the kids and is really good at it

My beautiful niece

Catching some air!

Mitchell & Mitch

Mitchell & Blakesly

Mitchell catching some air on the knee board

Grumps enjoying the afternoon

Brett and his son Keaton

Brett's kids - Madeline, Lydian & Keaton!

Julianna & Grumps

We got a game of Red Rover going on and even the neighbors joined in

Is Blakesly taller than her mom??

Rebecca busting through - look at the pain on Blakesly's face!! :-)

Julianna loved Blakesly and was willing to ride the tube as long as Blakesly was with her

Fun on the tube

Mary Harper, the youngest and last Warren grandchild!!