Thursday, August 20, 2009

McDonald's Visit

Our friends, Ryan & Tiffany from Ohio were visiting Ryan's sister in Indianapolis. They decided to "swing down" to Nashville to visit us. They left the big kids with his sister and brought Owen with them. They arrived on Saturday afternoon and stayed until early Sunday evening. We had such a fun visit and hope to see them again soon!
Ryan & Owen rocking out to Guitar Hero World Tour

The drums became a team effort for Ryan & Tiffany. Notice Ryan is using the kick pedal in his hand while Tiffany bangs the drums!

Now there's a Rock Band!!!

Owen was SOOO tired because he didn't take a nap so he was dozing off at the table. Too cute!

It was a hot weekend, but we had fun being outside.

Our sweet neighbors made 2 sets of "corn hole" when he family came from out of town. After we watered their plants while on vacation, he came over and gave us a set as a thank you. We've had so much fun with it and Ryan & Tiffany caught on very quickly. We played a bunch of corn hole despite the 90+degree weather and had a ton of fun.

Jim & Natalie (neighbors) came out on Saturday evening and joined in our fun of corn hole. All went well until Ryan went in to get some water and called out to me. Seems I'd forgotten that I was going to make some potato salad and deviled eggs for the church luncheon on Sunday and left the potatoes and eggs cooking on the stove. Our smoke detectors didn't go off, but we walked in and the house was full of smoke and stunk to high heaven! Sadly enough, there was none of my yummy tater salad at church on Sunday.
Tiffany & Natalie throwing

Guess what this is - it started off as 3 eggs being boiled for potato salad

These were going to be the potatoes for potato salad. yuck!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Payne Family Lake Trip

In July, my entire family went to this lake. That included my parents and each of my 3 siblings and their families. It's been a long time since we've all been together like that and we had a great time.

With my new camera, I believe I took somewhere around 1100 pictures. Itwas so much fun. We played a lot on the water and held babies and enjoyed our time together. I planned to do a great blog on the trip, buteach of my siblings has at least one blog about that weekend, so I decided not to recreate the wheel.

Please go visit Rachel's blog, Justin's blog, and Cassie's blog. (I've linked it so you can just click on their names.) You can get different views of the weekend and see a lot of great pictures of my parents, brother and sisters, in-laws and nieces and nephews. Cassie wrote a couple of blogs - Family Fun, the sister's wide ride and The End. This way, it'll be easier to get to them Please check them all out!

Above you'll see the family picture we took together. There's always a story behind our pictures, but this turned out great!!